Add a custom role in Windchill

How to add a custom role in Windchill.

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There are two ways to add a custom role in Windchill;

  • Via enumCustomize tool
  • By changing the roleRB.rbinfo file

Method 1:

    1. Open Windchill shell. Type enumCustomize. Hit Enter.
    2. enumCustomize tool will open. Browse <Windchill>\codebase\wt\project\RoleRB.RB.ser and open it.
    3. Add your custom role.
    4. Build the changes by saving the changes.
    5. Stop the Windchill server.
    6. Run the MakeJar command from codebase directory ant -f MakeJar.xml custUpdate
    7. Restart Windchill to see the changes.

Method 2:

  1. Open src/wt/project/roleRB.rbinfo file.
  2. Add your custom role manually.
  3. Run the build command.
    ant –f tools.xml bundle_custom –Dbundle.input=registry
  4. Run the MakeJar command from codebase directory.
    ant  -f MakeJar.xml
  5. Restart Windchill
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