Explain {GEN:wt.enterprise.SequenceGenerator:WTPARTID_seq:10:0}

Explain {GEN:wt.enterprise.SequenceGenerator:WTPARTID_seq:10:0} in OIR of
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{GEN:wt.enterprise.SequenceGenerator:WTPARTID_seq:10:0} is basically a code snippet in rule.xml which is used to describe the sequence to be used for new object creation for a particular object type.
  • wt.enterprise.SequenceGenerator is a class that maps the name of the sequence to the Sequence pool present in Oracle database using the NAME_TO_SEQUENCE_MAP.
  • WTPARTID_seq is the name of the sequence specified in the Windchill database which generates numbers in a particular sequence/pattern.
  • 10 is the length of number to be generated.
  • is the padding character which will be padded at the beginning of the number if the length of the number is less than 10.
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